Written by: Melissa Juzva

Coping Top Tips

Throughout June we have been posting our top coping tips. Our current times are extremely challenging for many of us. We have been in isolation and experiencing unprecedented change. Our June coping tips were intended to provide people with some ideas on how they can cope with the challenges that life throws at them, so each day we posted something different in order to build a bank of tools for everybody’s toolbox. This means that we have ended up with 30 tools, so in amongst those tools we hope that you will find something that is useful for you. Maybe there are only one or two but maybe there are 10 or more. Whatever works for you we hope that you have been able to find something useful amongst the tools that we have posted.

A huge credit to our Provisional Psychologist on placement from Monash University Divya Kumar who put these wonderful posts together.

About the author
Melissa Juzva
Melissa is an Educational & Developmental Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor. Melissa’s career as a psychologist has involved work in all sectors of education in Victoria and as such she believes it is imperative to work closely with schools to assist them in supporting the young people she works with.
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