About Us

At Solution Psychology our passion lies in making a positive impact for our clients by providing excellence in psychological care across the lifespan. We wanted to create a space where our clients felt safe and familiar in the consulting room and comfortable and grounded while they wait.

Eleven years ago, I started Solution Psychology because even though I was seeing 30+clients a week, I couldn’t reduce the growing waiting lists of children and families needing support. I realised in order to make a real difference I needed to bring together like minded professionals passionate about helping people, growing their skills and collaborating to provide a holistic approach.

I developed a model that enabled me to pour my energy into mentoring and supervision and develop a team of professionals to meet the ever growing psychology needs in the northwest of Melbourne. We moved from a two room clinic to a 200 sqm premises, five room clinic, in late 2022 when our search for a new space was proving challenging, which we underwent a renovation to again transform the space to be able to allow us to how more people, this short term solution helped us grow to an eight room clinic while we continued our search for a place we could call home. 

In early 2023 we found that space and we set to work, we focussed on creating a space that was intentionally minimal, a space that feels more like a day spa than a clinic, we’ve created a welcoming environment where you can feel at home. It was equally important to us to create an environment where our team were nurtured with spaces that have been specifically designed to encourage collaboration, research or relaxation between sessions. Our state-of-the-art team centre, resources and testing library, provide our team with the best evidence based resources to add value to our clients sessions. Our relaxation lounge means that our team are refreshed and energised and at their best to help you on your journey 

Our Moonee Ponds clinic at One Dean means we could grow our team and growing our team meant increasing our impact. My vision now is to reduce waiting times for psychological services, deliver a learning environment for the team all within an amazing physical space and in doing so, help as many children, adolescents and families as possible.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

Melissa Juzva

Our mission statement

Excellence in psychological care across the lifespan

Our Values

We Care
with you every step of the way
Solution Psychology - we care -with you every step of the way
Solution Psychology - Always Progressing - embrace opportunies to grow
Always Progressing
embrace opportunities to grow
Establishing Trust
practice with authenticity and honesty
Solution Psychology - Establishing Trust - practice with authenticity and honesty
Solution Psychology - Stronger together - collaborate to provide a holistic approach
Stronger Together
collaborate to provide a holistic approach

Our Goal

To be leaders in our field by providing the highest level of psychological services.
We constantly reflect on, review and evaluate the quality of our services to provide the highest standard of evidence-based psychological service.
We aim to foster positive relationships with those who have entrusted their care in us.