What is intervention?

Intervention programs are 1:1 short term structured intervention sessions using evidence based strategies. They are delivered in a structured format with a qualified child practitioner (psychologist, provisional psychologist or counsellor).
What programs are currently available?

Ready to Regulate: Teaching emotional regulation tools and coping strategies

Taking Control: Learn to manage your anxiety
Fears and Phobias: Overcome your fears
Coming soon…
Selective mutism
Low Mood
Self Esteem
Demand Avoidance
What next?

If you know which program you would like to book for your child, contact our reception team on 99887760 to book your spot.
Still not sure? Our team can book an intake appointment to discuss your needs (fees apply).

What is the cost of the intervention?
$1500 when delivered by a provisional psychologist or counsellor
$2000^ when delivered by a registered psychologist
$2500^ when delivered by a senior psychologist
^Medicare rebates may apply with a valid referral when delivered by a registered psychologist
What is included?
Resource Pack
8 x 1:1 sessions including an initial consultation and smart goal setting session, parent feedback and outcome report. 
What happens at the end of the intervention session?

At the conclusion of the 8 week intervention session, the psychologist/counsellor will recommend the next steps, this may include ongoing thereapy, further intervention or finishing treatment. 

Want to book an appointment?

To book an appointment, please call us on (03) 9988 7760.

Other Enquiries

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