Managing Screen Time


The Managing Screen Time webinar is a 30 minute webinar for parents to learn about practical ways to support their children and adolescents to use their screen time in a balanced and healthy way. The webinar will outline strategies that focus on creating positive screen habits for the individual child, the parent and the whole family. By the end of the webinar, parents will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to support their child to manage their screen time use.

Helen is one of the presenters in this 30 minutes webinar.

Helen is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist experienced in working with children and adolescents, in a wide range of presentations including; depression, attention deficit disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and learning difficulties. She has a particular interest in childhood anxiety, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and developing emotional regulation. Helen is skilled as both an educator and a mental health professional. Helen adopts a collaborative approach to her work; involving children, parents, and teachers in the process to allow consistency across contexts. Helen is passionate about supporting young people and their parents to achieve the best possible outcomes.

This is a pre-recorded webinar, upon purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download the webinar as well as the accompanying slides.

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