Helping your child sleep – all you need to know about sleep hygiene


Our Helping Your Child Sleep webinar is a 30 minute webinar for parents who are wanting to support their children (and themselves) to develop good sleep hygiene. We will discuss practical tips for sleep management and provide information on the barriers to sleep and tricks to overcome them. We will help parents identify the difference between biology, behaviour and anxiety associated with sleep challenges and how to manage each of these. We will also touch on night terrors, nightmares and sleep walking.  At the end of this webinar you will walk away with a greater understanding of what to do to help your child fall and stay asleep.

This Webinar is presented by Melissa Juzva. Melissa  is an Educational & Developmental Psychologist. Melissa’s career as a psychologist has involved work in all sectors of education in Victoria and as such she believes it is imperative to work closely with schools to assist them in supporting the young people she works with. For 25 years Melissa has been providing assessment, counselling, group interventions, professional development and parenting seminars on a range of topics that supports psychological wellbeing and cognitive development of young people.

This is a pre-recorded webinar, upon purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download the webinar as well as the accompanying slides.

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